“King Birendra” (Working Title) – Fictional Movie

People are really aware of this incidence and are really touched even by the name of our beloved king. I had posted this movie and story development to other social sites but there were very less feedback. Due to the fact that they might still feel the pain when they suddenly remember the incident after so many years.

Here I am trying to work on a fictional story regarding our king Birendra. I had already finished the writing of the over all synopsis of the full length movie few years back but i was willing to share this project with like minded people who can understand the complexity of the project and who can also understand the fact that this movie is never going to be regarding the royal massacre issue. 

Instead i would like to concentrate on the childhood days and the youthful days of king Birendra and to present his personality in a beautiful way. The movie is fictional because it might not contain few real details which King Birendra felt in his life but some details added just to make it clear to audience. But never to create an another character.

Regarding the face similarity i was adviced that “Bhaskar Raj Karnikar”(Avenews TV) had a very similar face structure to that of our King Birendra. But I am searching for a person who would have more similarities in his youthful pictures. And in his childhood days specially.

Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev

This might be the kind of face and structure which i might search and we also have lots of childhood pictures of our king hence we would be surely able to find those kind of child in Nepal. I know these things are just done later in the pre-production stage. But i just want to write these so as to make my readers aware of the fact and also get early suggestions regarding the matter.

I want to make a happy go lucky kind of movie. And don’t want to reveal the whole story through a teaser of a movie. Currently I am working on this teaser, and I am concentrating on the fact just to show some gestures which would denote that this movie is none other than regarding our beloved king Birendra.

Since this movie now is in a pre-production stage hence I would like to request all the Nepali audience and the international Audience to participate and give any kind of feedback here in this blog so as to know the interest and everything right on this blog.

I know I have not made clear remarks regarding the Story of the Movie may be i want it to be so but surely the Teaser would give some insight but still the story of the movie and its plot is only going to be revealed at the movie itself.

As a summary this movie “King Birendra” is going to be a story regarding a king who is loved by his people more than anything and worshiped as a god. How he was nurtured in his early age and how he would be the kind of person he would become later in his life. And an imaginary return or a Resurrection or a dream what so ever you can think of in terms of words so as to get the glimpse of our beloved king in a theater.


2 thoughts on ““King Birendra” (Working Title) – Fictional Movie

  1. I still have some questions about it: how fictional it is the movie? I am wondering because you said It would narrate the childhood and youth of the king, yet I still do not have clear which aspects of the king’s life will be real and which will be fictional. Or is it just the cloning part which will be the fictional aspect of the king? I hope you can clear that out soon.


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